Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is for anyone who needs to make some sort of change in their lives, either through choice or circumstances, but who may be struggling to do so or to know where to start. 

By helping people to take a complete look at what is going on in their lives, coaching can provide manageable and sustainable change based on what works best with each person’s own unique qualities, characteristics and circumstances.

The benefits:

Coaching can help to provide a clearer sense of purpose and direction, helping you to overcome barriers, seek out opportunities and make considered choices and helps you to:

  • make or adjust to changes in life or work – regardless of whether or not they are within your control
  • understand and deal with a difficult situation
  • help you to manage stress, build confidence and assertiveness, and become more resilient
  • make decisions relating to your personal development and career progression
  • manage and improve work or personal relationships 
  • raise your motivation
  • balance and prioritise responsibilities and maintain a good work/life balance

Coaching sessions can be conducted in person, by phone or Skype. 

The number and frequency of sessions is dependent upon individual requirements and circumstances. 


Contact us for an informal, confidential chat about how coaching may benefit you, or phone 07860 647509 or email