Professional Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching

For aspiring or new board members and executives, or those already in leadership roles, executive and leadership coaching is designed to be challenging and stretching, whilst being totally supportive.  It can help executives to transform into leaders by drawing on and developing personal resources and qualities and develop existing skills to full potential, opening up opportunities for professional fulfilment and achievement. 

Business Coaching

For business owners/entrepreneurs, managers and operational staff.  Business coaching provides the support to enable clients to increase self-awareness, improve performance, and explore how to align personal goals with business objectives. Clients gain the ability to see things from a different perspective, recognise barriers that may be holding them back and identify opportunities and solutions to help them move forwards.

Team and Group Coaching

For teams or groups, at any stage in their formation, who exist to work towards a common purpose.  Team coaching focuses on helping teams to identify for themselves their core principles, understand team dynamics, build effective relationships and work with emergent issues.  It facilitates a cohesive way of working, empowering teams to find solutions using their own resources, helps dysfunctional teams transform into high performance teams and aims for sustainable progress as all team members contribute to solutions

Aster Coaching works closely with sponsors and stakeholders to understand their objectives, whilst allowing individual and team perspectives to be fully, yet confidentially, explored.

Please contact us to discuss how professional coaching can be of benefit and which method of coaching meets your needs.