Professional Development

Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching skills help to equip managers with the tools they need to encourage staff to assume personal responsibility and make decisions, helping to release management time to concentrate on more strategic issues.  

Aster Coaching skills workshops focus on raising self-awareness and awareness of others, and explore the differences between coaching and mentoring, enabling learners to:  

  • Define and differentiate between coaching and other approaches
  • Identify and understand the impact of different approaches
  • Learn and demonstrate essential coaching skills and understand how and when to apply them effectively
  • Recognise and overcome barriers that might prevent a coaching approach
  • Understand the overall benefits of using a coaching approach
  • Recognise how personality styles impact on relationships and learn how to adapt styles to get the best out of others and be effective managers
  • Clarify and reality test goals and objectives 
  • Be able to use reflective techniques to test the effectiveness of coaching conversations and measure progress towards goals



Please contact us to discuss how we can help you or your staff to develop their skills.