Coach Development

Coach Supervision

Coaching can be an isolated profession and regardless of a coach’s experience, supervision is essential in providing a supportive space for coaches to process the experiences they have when working with clients.

Coach supervisors act as guardians of practice, quality, standards and ethics and as a core principle of the Global Code of Ethics prescribed by the Association of Coaching and other professional bodies, it provides a quality assurance framework for coaches and clients alike.  Supervision is applicable for both new and experienced coaches and demonstrates commitment to professional practice

The benefits of coach supervision

Providing a reflective space for coaches to manage issues that arise in their work, supervision helps coaches consider their coaching style, build professional expertise and psychological understanding, and apply the learning to their practice.  

Aster Coaching supervision is underpinned by ‘Gestalt’ principles which means that coaches are encouraged to think holistically and work with what is happening in the ‘here and now’, giving equal focus to developmental needs and practical application.

Group supervision is inclusive, collaborative and creative.  Peer involvement is encouraged and equal attention is paid to everyone.

Individual Supervision sessions can be conducted on a face-to-face basis, by phone or Skype.

Group sessions are conducted in person.

Coach Workshops

Aster Coaching can also provide a range of standard or bespoke workshops and masterclasses, to help equip new and experienced coaches with additional skills to enhance their coach practice.


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